C.B.S. setter stadig opp nye workshops for å sikre utvikling av terapeutene

Post Graduate Course Opportunities

C.B.S. offers a wide variety of courses and workshops for Bowen Technique
practitioners who have attained the C.B.S. Certificate of Proficiency.

Practitioner Development Workshops

Practitioner Development Workshops are designed for those practitioners who are
looking to clarify and revise the procedures, discuss case histories and further develop
their Bowen work.

Workshops for Experienced Practitioners with Julian Baker

Shoulder & Pelvic Workshop

WHO:  Accredited practitioners with experience using these procedures.

WHAT:  To ensure perfect accuracy, pressure, speed and timing of these procedures.
Also covering the anatomy, function and biomechanics of the areas and the pathology
of common injuries and presentations, after-care and exercises.  Will establish other
reasons for shoulder and pelvic problems and address other procedures to be used
in conjunction with the basic moves. Additional moves will be taught.

Diaphragm/Respiratory & Head/TMJ

WHO:  Accredited practitioners with experience using these procedures.

WHAT:  The diaphragm is not just involved in the process of breathing but is a major
player in a whole range of functions in the body.
The head/TMJ is a major balancer for the whole of the body and has implications for
areas such as the diaphragm and the bowel, as well as the face and head. We will
study the anatomy, function and biomechanics of these areas as well as ensuring
accuracy of the Bowen moves. Additional moves will be taught.
We will also focus on how to treat common presentations and conditions.

Experienced Practitioner Workshops:

Advanced Level One 

WHO:  Those who have been practicing for at least six months following Final Level
and who are exceedingly confident and well practised with the procedures.
Not recommended for those doing very little Bowen or those who want a top up.
Practitioner workshops and First/Upper Reviews exist for this purpose.

WHAT:  Introduction to the advanced principles of Bowen practise whilst also
combining procedures in new ways.  Use of observation, body reading, palpation
and listening skills to develop the ability to adapt the technique.  Problem solving,
as well as promoting and advertising your practice will be covered.

Body Pathways.  Reading the Body and Treating What We See

WHO:  Accredited practitioners who have attended an Advanced One Workshop.

WHAT:  Every body tells a story and holds a certain tensional form.
Using Tom Myers’ theory of Anatomy Trains, we will study the anatomical lines of strain
that run throughout the body.  We will explore these pathways, and work out ways to
address to treat and release these areas using Bowen.

As part of this process we will bring in the principles from the Advanced One course and learn new techniques
to expand our practice and thinking.  This two days is a very full.

‘I’ve come away from this course will a tool that has blown my head away.
It has really helped me to look at the body as a whole’
JL Sept 05

These workshops are open to qualified Bowen practitioners.